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In Memorium Konrad Adenauer

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On the 05.11.2017, Angela Merkel honoured the Spirit of Adenauer for his pathfinding to a free and democratic society open to mutual cultural...

City development in digital environments

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'Thinking and sharing on city development in digital environments for better living in harmony' – Cadenabbia, 7th März 2017

Projekt Wirtschaft und Politik in Berlin und München September 2016

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Malaysias Premierminister Najib und hochrangige Delegation trifft Wirtschaftsvertreter in Berlin und München, 27.9. und 29.9.2016. DtMG-Präsident...

Foto: UN Global Compact 2016 – Leaders Summit in New York, 22-23 June

UN Global Compact 2016 – The Leaders Summit in New York, 22-23 June

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Project UN Global Compact 2016 – the Leaders Summit in New York, 22-23 June.
The DtMG e.V. has been a member of the UN Global Compact (UN GC) since...