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Photo from DCU GAN 2019

Sport and Cultural Exchange - The GAN 2019

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For many years DtMG e.V. has been accompanying our friends in Malaysia in their and our diverse cultural activities in all areas. Today I would like...

City development in digital environments

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'Thinking and sharing on city development in digital environments for better living in harmony' – Cadenabbia, 7th März 2017

Baerbel Starz, 'Unity in Diversity Photographs 2015'

| Sport and Culture | Sport & Culture | by Martina Padberg


Engel haben es bei uns nicht gerade einfach. Vielleicht muss man in die Ferne reisen, um sie – in...

Foto: Ketupat

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

| Sport and Culture | Sport & Culture Tourism | by Britta Bastian

Hari Raya Puasa oder Aidilfitri ist ein muslimisches Fest, welches nach dem Fasten-Monat Ramadan stattfindet, im 10. Monat des muslimischen Kalenders ...