Sightseeing Tour Part 3

Kuala Lumpur Tower

The Bukit Nanas, the “pineapple-hill”, is the place of the KL Tower with 421meters height. The official opening took place in August 1996. Serving as telecommunication station it is one of the highest in Asia and worldwide on 4th place. Tourists can enter the viewing platform and the moving restaurant in this dizzying height. The view over KL and the whole scenery around is enjoyable.
Additionally on the bottom of the Tower you can visit the Cultural Village, recommended by getting a good impression about the different styles of the kampung-houses, traditional arts and crafts and even music.

National Theatre (Istana Budaya)

As the main location of the National Theater Society and the National Symphony Orchestra the National Theatre is responsible and indicative for the theater-development in Malaysia. The building was designed in a well balanced form-function-concept and reflects not only beauty in design but it is also equipped with modern technique and still it resembles the national tradition and Malaysian style.

National Planetarium

In the midst of the Lake Gardens and direct behind the national mosque you will find the Planetarium on a hill. In different galleries inside the big complex there is for example a space-theatre, an exhibition, an archive, a platform and an historical observatory. The theater offers two shows: one is more into science and space and the other is starry-sky-show. Besides, there is one observatory with a 14-inch-telescope.

Residence of the King- "Istana Negara"

The official residence of His Majesty, the King of Malaysia, is situated on a small hill at the Jalan Istana.


The large complex is surrounded with huge green garden and beautiful flowers. The residence is still place for official celebrations and events.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

The Museum of Islamic Arts at the Jalan Lembah Perdana is divided into different galleries to specific topics for example a gallery of Islamic architecture with exhibits of miniature replicas of famous buildings like the Taj Mahal, the Imam Ismail Albukhary Mosque and the Amir Timur Mausoleum. A special collection with many items of concerns the Ottoman Empire of Turkey and Syria.
And in the gallery of historic documents and Quran there is a huge collection of more than 200 rare Islamic documents.

National Monument and ASEAN Sculpture-Park

This monument was set up in the year 1966 in honor of the fallen heroes. It was designed by the sculptor Felix de Weldon, who also designed the Iwo-Jima-Monument in Washington. The bronze monument is 15,54 m high and shows seven soldiers resembling the seven leadership qualities.

ASEAN Sculpture-Park: This beautiful landscape garden is underneath the National Monument and exhibits a collection of award-winning sculptures of the AEAN-Region.

"Lake Gardens" of Kuala Lumpur

The “Taman Tasik Perdana”, another name for this garden which is situated almost in the centre of Kuala Lumpur originally dated from the year 1880. The People of KL love the Lake Gardens with a size of 90 hectare and its varieties to enjoy the leisure-time. There are a children´s play-ground, a few places for body-exercises and a lake where you can rent a rowing boat.



On special celebration days there will be some cultural and music performances in a small valley inside this garden.

Orchid- and Hibiscus-Garden in Lake Gardens

The orchid Garden shows more than 800 exotic species of Malaysian Orchids, even very rare ones. Orchids are even sold und nearby is also the hibiscus Garden with more than 500 different types of flowers.

Bird and Butterfly-Park in Lake Gardens

The Bird Park is on opposite of the Orchid Garden. Under a big canopy-net many different birds share the nature, almost similar to their natural living space. You watch the Sarawak-Hornbill , different rare types of jungle-chickens and some birds of pray.

The Butterfly Park is in walking distance from the Orchid Garden and the Bird Park. Astonishing is the number of more than 6.000 butterflies and around 120 different species.

Main Station and administration building of the Malaysian Railways “KTM”

Another example of the British architect A. B. Hubbock which is inspired from the Moorish buildings. The main station was established 1910 and extensively renovated in 1988 with modern equipment for the travelers.

Charming is the former hotel of the historical main station, which is part of the complex. Nowadays it is called Heritage Hotel.

Galeria Sri Perdana

This building was the official residence of the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia , Dr. Mahathir Mohamed and his family. The historical residence is now under the National Archive. Visitors could walk through three levels with the most important rooms: the foyer, the main Salon, the banquet hall and kitchen and the theatre. Interesting spots are also the balcony with a skyline-view, a place where the Prime Minister and his wife likes to take their breakfast. Another special room is the carving room, where Dr. Mahathir spent his time with wood carving.

P. Ramlee Memorial

This memorial was created from the National Archive to honor the actor P. Ramlee and his important role in the Performing Arts of Malaysia. He was most versatile in music, singing, acting and directing. The memorial is situated in his bungalow, 22, Jalan Dedap in Setapak and you can see a collection of his personal souvenirs.

Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre is the best location to learn more about the pewter-industry. Malaysian pewter products are famous for their design and quality. Visitors can watch the work in progress with pewter.

Museum Kesenian Asia

If you are fond of Asian culture and ceramics this should be the right museum for you, situated on the area of the University of Malaysia. The collection of Asian ceramics is presented in a well documented and impressive way.